LED throwies

Here’s a project for half-term: magnetic LED throwies.

The Finished Article

First you’ll need an LED. You can buy them from any electronics supplier such as Maplin, Rapid or RS.

You’ll also need a small magnet. I bought 12mm×2mm neodymium-boron magnets from first4magnets.com.

Lastly you’ll need a CR2032 battery. I bought mine from cheaperbatteries.co.uk.

Step 1: Place the battery in between the “prongs” of the LED.

Step 2: Attach the magnet to the battery and LED.

Step 3: Wrap the whole thing in electrician’s insulating tape, available from any DIY shop.

Step 4:

Props to Graffiti Research Labs for the original idea.

One thought on “LED throwies

  1. Great, easy to follow tutorial. These would make awesome home, classroom or office decorations. Or even use them to hold paper to magnetic whiteboards.

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