Nobody fixes anything any more

This weekend my laminator broke. A mix of laminate and paper managed to wrap itself around the rollers and gummed up the whole mechanism.

I could have quite easily (and cheaply) bought a new one. But I didn’t. I took the old one apart and fixed it.


Not only did I save myself some money, I also learnt a little bit more about how a laminator works. So next time something breaks why not try fixing it before you buy a new one? What’s the worst that could happen? It’s broken anyway; you can only make it more broken.

This is what had jammed itself in the mechanism:


2 thoughts on “Nobody fixes anything any more

  1. Wonderful post.
    Takes me back to when I was a kid. I knew nothing about Science or Physics, but really enjoyed taking things apart to see what was inside. You’re right – we need to encourage kids to do this more.

  2. Yes! There otta bea law against frivolous discards . Actually there otta bea law against planned obsolescence except the economy would crash.

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