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  1. FIRST –
    THANK YOU for having the very best, most well written discussion of the science involved what I am calling the “2011 Japanese Triple Cat” – plus your time line is very helpful to thoughtful people considering the issues of disaster response planning. I have sent your site’s address to my entire mail list as the best information available.

    NOW – on to my response to the “full stop -double space” comment. My husband and I both agree that the double space is what we were taught throughout our USA schooling and is what we were required to use in our formal writing such as dissertations, articles for publicationetc.;, ,i.e., we were penalized for not inserting a double space at the end of all complete sentences, whether ending in “full stops,” question marks or exclamation points. The entry on your site made me check this out in current publications (where I found the single space advocated as correct on your site) and in publications from our school years (where I found the double space I was taught). NOW – since there is no formal method to “recall” defective punctuation practices the way we recall automobiles and infant car seats, AND since no damage is done to health, clarity, international relations – I would suggest that the quote was too extreme for the situation upon which it commented! I am SURE I am automatically put in those double spaces as I type (which I learned long LONG ago) and I hope these double spaces have not lowered your opinion of our praise for your site. Sincerely, Donna Foster Myer

  2. Technically incorrect perhaps, but double-space after a full stop, like serifs, aids readability; and isn’t that the whole point?

  3. http://www.heracliteanriver.com/?p=324 refutes that article very well.

    But my personal opinion is “unless you’re a typesetter, do what you want to do, within reason, and quit raging a war against those who want to do it differently” (which is basically what the person from heracliteanriver.com basically concludes with.)

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