Infrared imagery of the transport of nuclear waste

As much as I loathe Greenpeace, they’ve released some fantastic infrared imagery of nuclear waste being transported by train. The intent seems to be to try and get people to think that the casks are emitting something dangerous, but I think they do quite the opposite.

The waste is being transported in CASTOR containers from Germany to France for reprocessing and then back to Germany for reuse.

I haven’t been able to find much information from Greenpeace about the images, but I love how they’re described by National Geographic (who should know better) as Red-Hot Nuclear-Waste Train Glows in Infrared despite the fact that they’re not even close to red hot: at somewhere around 35°C they’re actually colder than the people watching them.

Images copyright Greenpeace

4 thoughts on “Infrared imagery of the transport of nuclear waste

  1. You need a thicker set of glasses man! Red is Hoter than Yellow! Duh!

  2. Actualy the outer surface of the containers are somewhat 35-40 C warm.
    The nuclear fuel is way much hotter.
    But actualy realy why is it so interesting? It is the duty of the nuclear fuel to be hot, isn’t it?

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