Obama on Mythbusters

That’s a pretty big get:

Obama is appearing on Mythbusters to emphasise the importance of science and technology. His episode airs 8th December in the US.

3 thoughts on “Obama on Mythbusters

  1. i havent seen it yet but i bet its good i think the mythbusters are preety exated to see what the president wants do see i think it will be crazy if it gets busted ha in your face obama opps what ifits not what if its confarmed that would be odd peace out ill be waching .

  2. im scared to se this just on obama being in the mythbusters this myth i hope will be the best but i cant say that i know whats coming but i know it will be really odd .

  3. ok who thinks its odd that the girls watch mythbusters they say bad stuff in there ok i think hes lost his mind .

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