The Drake equation

The Drake Equation tries to estimate the number of number of alien civilisations that we could communicate with. By altering the numbers below you can calculate just how many aliens are out there, waiting to communicate.

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7 thoughts on “The Drake equation

  1. This fits in with the “Bad Science” you told everyone about last year. It’s not science. It’s not Falsifiable (all “science” is Falsifiable). I don’t know where he got those numbers from. Do you know?

    To sum it up, a quote from Michael Crichton, “precisely, the Drake equation is literally meaningless, and has nothing to do with science”

    Do you disagree with on any of this?

  2. It’s not falsifiable yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t be later on! The numbers come from various sources but nobody agrees on most of the values anyway.

  3. You said “The numbers come from various sources.” Where did “The lifetime of communicating civilizations” come from?
    How do you make it falsifiable? To disprove it you would have to look through all 13.7 billion light years of the universe (you know what I mean).

  4. I said it was falsifiable – not that it was easy!

    The “lifetime of communicating civilisations” is a best guess – just like everything else in science.

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