Seeing heat

Thanks to the generosity of the Parents and Friends Association we’ve been able to purchase an infrared camera. I am having the most fun ever taking pictures of just about everything.

4 thoughts on “Seeing heat

  1. Great pictures. I want one, but had assumed they were expensive (or do you have a very generous Parents and Friends Association?) Could you tell me more about the camera – price, where you bought it from?

  2. Cool, I had a play with one of these at the Cambridge Astronomy department open day. They let me put a thin bin liner over my daughter’s head which was really cool as it almost couldn’t be seen (bin liner not her head). Managed to get a snap of her with my normal glasses on ( and one of my wife and daughter – you can see my wife had a cold, dark nose.

    Just so much fun but the chat their said that the camera was thousands so I gave up hope of ever getting one. Is there really a cheap option.

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