Interesting design features of my hotel room

There were a couple of clever design features in the hotel room I stayed in recently.

Every other “fold” in the shower curtain was split from ring-to-ring. If you bunched up the curtain you could easily remove it in one motion, making the curtain much easier to change.

The curtain rails were cleverly designed to keep light out. One rail runs behind the other so that when you pull the curtains together they avoid that annoying little slit of light that sometimes gets through. I honestly can’t think of a good reason why this isn’t standard in people’s houses – I guess maybe it’s because most people don’t have suitable rails, but rather a pole-and-ring system as in the curtain example above.

One thought on “Interesting design features of my hotel room

  1. When we bought are 1930’s Bunglow one one the windows had these split rails however can’t find anyone who still makes them and the gliders are really hard to get

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