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Mighty Mice

Researchers at Case Western University have genetically-altered mice to make a remarkable alteration in energy metabolism due to the over-expression of the gene for the enzyme phosphoenolypyruvate carboxykinases (PEPCK-C).


These genetically engineered mice also eat 60 percent more than controls, but remain fitter, trimmer and live and breed longer than wild mice in a control group. Some female PEPCK-C mice have had offspring at 2.5 years of age, an amazing feat considering most mice do not reproduce after they are one year old … The PEPCK-C mice ran an average of 31.9 minutes, compared to 19 minutes for the control animals.

The PEPCK-C mouse ran six kilometres at 20 metres per minute. You can watch a video at Skycast and I recommend you do – they play the Rocky theme tune and it’s awesome.

ADDENDUM: Story from BBC.

Predicting the future


“[It is] good enough for our transatlantic friends … but unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men.”
British Parliamentary Committee on Thomas Edison’s lightbulb, 1880.

Wright Flyer

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.”
Lord Kelvin, President of the Royal Society, 1895.

Nuclear power plant

“There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable.”
Albert Einstein, 1932.


“Where a calculator on the ENIAC is equipped with 18,000 vacuum tubes and weighs 30 tons, computers in the future may have only 1,000 vacuum tubes and weigh only 1.5 tons.”
Popular Mechanics magazine, 1949.