Do bowling balls float?

The largest bowling ball allowed by USBC or FIQ has a circumference of 27 inches, equivalent to a diameter of 21.9 centimetres and a volume of 5447 cubic centimetres. Whilst the size of a bowling ball is fixed, its weight can vary, typically between six and sixteen pounds (2.7 to 7.3 kilograms).

With a fixed volume and a changing mass the density (mass per unit volume) of a bowling ball will change, and as a result some bowling balls float, and some sink.

The low weight balls (including the 12 lb ball at a density of 999.6 kg/m3) all float. Only the 14 lb and 16 lb balls will sink.

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  1. The 14lber should float in the dead sea from your graph .. not dumb at all .. I would have thought those guys would sink .. but it’s been a while since I’ve held one :P

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