Worldmapper is a website that gives you the world “as you’ve never seen it before”.

Land Area

This is the map of the world you’re familiar with; the size of the country on the map represents the size of the country in real life:

Land Area Map


This is the same map, but now the size of the country represents the country’s population:

Population Map

Notice how China and India, with huge populations and (relatively) not much land have ballooned in size whereas countries like Australia with lots of land but small populations have shrunk.

Nuclear Weapons

Most countries disappear completely:

Nuclear Weapons Map

The United States and Russia, with nearly 6000 warheads each are both enormous compared to the smaller nuclear states: the United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan and Israel.

Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste Map

The most interesting thing about this map is the size of France, which produces nearly 80% of its electrical power from nuclear sources.


On this map the largest countries are those that receive the most rainfall.

Rainfall Map

South America (particularly Brazil) and South East Asia become huge whereas North Africa and the Middle East become tiny.

Access to Electricity

On this map almost the entire continent of Africa, where only a very small proportion of the population have access to electricity, disappears almost completely.

Access to Electricity Map

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